It's Time to Address Diversity in the Boardroom.

Boards of directors suffer from a lack of gender diversity. 

Only 14% of board seats in the U.S. are held by women. Sixty percent of boards are male-only. And here’s the irony:

Boardroom diversity generates better business outcomes.

When women are board members, companies experience:

  • Improved financial performance and shareholder value
  • Higher accounting returns
  • 42% greater return on sales

That’s why 6sense partnered with Athena Alliance to find the next generation of board candidates: qualified, driven female marketing leaders who’re ready for the table. 

You’ll find them in our first Empowered CMO Board Book — a perfect reference for companies seeking new board members.

Get to know these incredible women.

Each of the 60 senior-level women profiled in the Board Book meet the following criteria: 

  • A direct report to the CEO.
  • 2 or more years of experience in a VP + GTM role.
  • Regular engagement with the board.
  • One board member referral.

Introduce yourself. Extend opportunities that would be a fit. Invite them to conference panels. Share their stories.

Contact us at [email protected] to learn more, or to be considered in next year’s edition.

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