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We empower women CMOs to realize their full potential professionally and personally through leadership, inspiration, and craft.


The 2020 State Of B2B Women CMOs

With access to this influential group of executive leaders, we conducted our own survey and one-on-one interviews to learn more about their individual experiences, points of view, and what it takes to have impact as a CMO today.

2020 empowered cmo retreat


“The CMO position has truly been enabled to be highly strategic and also unbelievably valuable to the bottom line, period.”

Kate Bullis

Managing Partner, Go To Market Practice, SEBA International

“The CMO needs to be the market creator. That’s not tools. That’s creating a new market, designing new market categories; it’s corporate strategy."

Jennifer Johnson

CMO, Amplitude

“We must be intentional
about being the voice of
the market to
the business.”

Christine Heckart

CEO, Scalyr

... and of course some fun surprises!

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